The One You Love, The One You Hate (Preview)

This is fic #5 of the Unlearning Series.

Written: 21.05.24

Words: 1,502


Dean tossed the keys onto the table, kicking the motel door shut, I hate this part. He peeled his jacket off, hanging it on the back of the chair before taking a seat at the table, opening his laptop, why couldn’t you of stuck to regular demon things? Torturing for information, making a deal… why’d you have to go with draining a body? He shook his head as he started typing, I swear, when I find you this time, I’ll kill you. Bobby’ll just have to deal with it.

He started combing through articles, letting out a frustrated groan, no, no way! This can’t be right. All signs point to a Djinn. He leaned back in his chair, letting out a heavy breath as he scrubbed his hands through his hair, why would you be trying to frame a Djinn? You want just any hunter to stumble onto your trail, or are you just getting bored?

Unless… he turned his gaze to the wall, sweeping over the cut out newspaper clippings he taped up, brows furrowing, you wouldn’t be trying to cheat the system, would you? He got up, walking the few steps closer to the wall, Hell has been doing pretty bad, lately. But would you really put a Djinn on the payroll?

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