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This is a somewhat newer product, I believe it only came out a couple years ago, but man is it GOOD.

There was a lot of hype surrounding the release of the VeganEgg, and perhaps it’s because I hadn’t been vegan that long, so I don’t have any stories from ‘back in my day we only had a block of tofu and half a hope’ or what have you, but I wasn’t THAT excited.

I mean, I was still excited, because I was just discovering this whole new world of food I’d never known existed, so my mind was already exploding from the shear awesomeness of it all – but it wasn’t especially being blown by the VeganEgg. Does that make sense?

I’m not trying to down-play this product or anything, it’s really REALLY good, (and that’s coming from someone who wasn’t a big egg fan to begin with) but it wasn’t that hype worthy.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but a lot of new products that are coming out now, I just feel like they’re being over-hyped. And again, maybe it’s because I wasn’t vegan before all these new products came out, and while I can admit it’s really cool the things they’re coming out with, I feel like they’re over-selling them.

But that’s enough of that, on to the review. - The Veg Life - Product Review - VeganEgg, Vegan Food

So, I’ll start by saying that the first time I got this product, I was mildly disappointed that it didn’t come in those fake plastic egg shells (like the ones you see everywhere for Easter). Don’t get me wrong, I knew that it was powder, I had read articles explaining that, but I mean… it comes in a little tiny egg carton, they could’ve went the whole nine, y’know? (I might just start doing that, actually. That way you could get even MORE of the ‘original experience’ back [or if nothing else, then you won’t have to measure out the exact amount every time you make one])

Okay, so after that disappointment, I cut the bag of powder open and was surprised to find that it actually smelled like eggs. I discovered later on that this was the work of the amazing kala namak or black salt. This stuff you use pretty much like any other spice, with one exception: it smells like eggs. I recommend adding it to stir-frys or anything else that traditionally has that subtle egg undertone but it is strong, so don’t dump a giant handful into the dish. (Unless you like things tasting super eggy)

While that’s a whole other article, I was pleasantly surprised to know that the fake egg smelled like, well, eggs. I don’t want to be mean, but there are a few faux products out there that say they’re one thing but smell completely different (or worse, say they’re one thing and smell/taste like plastic). Suffice it to say, I was happy it seemed to be living up to the name.

I will say though that it seemed to take a bit longer to solidify then I thought it would. Maybe it’s because I had it on medium (I didn’t want to burn it) or maybe I was just really hungry but it seemed like it took a little too long to get that desired scrambled egg consistency. That’d be my only complaint though. - The Veg Life - Product Review - VeganEgg 2 - Vegan Food

Once it was done, I did my usual ‘lone test’ – taste it by itself before mixing/adding it to anything. If it tastes good by itself, it’s always a winner. This was really good by itself. It was also good when I added it to Avocado Toast (albeit a bit too much mush in one mouthful). It tasted egg-y, and the consistency (once cooked, despite my impatience) was close enough to my memory of what scrambled eggs were. - The Veg Life - Product Review - Avocado Toast - VeganEgg - Vegan Food

I was happy with the way the product tasted, looked and smelled. My one problem would be the price. I’m not sure if it’s available elsewhere (I’ve yet to find it) but the local vegan store I’ve found it in has it for $10. I know they’re a small/local business and have to make money, but I personally think $10 is a bit too high for this product. I’d love to buy it more, but that’s a bit ridiculous to spend on one product each week/every two weeks. If it was say, $6 or even $8, I’d get it more often. As it stands, it’s a ‘special’ item I only buy as a treat only. The actual product itself though is good.

All in all, I recommend trying VeganEgg for yourself. It tastes great and is a great addition to a vegan Sunday breakfast.

So, VeganEgg: have you tried it? Did you like it? Do you agree with my views on price? Let me know in the comments below!

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