Watching the World (Preview)


Written: 23.04.10

Words: 937

Sabriel, Fluff

Prompt: Iced Tea Month

Sam ducked behind a large rock just as a blast was fired toward him. Shit, that was close. He adjusted his stance in the sand, doing his best to not be distracted by the way it squished between his toes as he chanced a glance around the rock.

Shit, he’d lost visual on his target. He shook his head as he took a moment to make sure his gun had enough ammo to finish this fight. They’d fought their way down almost the entire length of the beach, and there was no sign of the fight letting up.


Sam spun around at the voice and scrunched up his face as he was assaulted with water. After a minute, the spray sputtered and finally stopped, much to Gabriel’s disappointment.

Sam swiped a hand down his face, effectively getting some water out of his eyes, “You said no powers!”

“Pfft, please,” Gabe sent his lover a lop-sided grin as he rested his now empty water gun against his shoulder, “There are no rules in war.”

Sam rolled his eyes but sprayed the angel’s shirt anyway.


The giant couldn’t help but chuckle as he darted around the smaller man, continuing to spray him as he moved away from his wrath, “You just said there were no rules.”

The angel held up his hands in a futile attempt to keep his shirt dry, “Yeah, for me!”

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