When She Smiles (Preview)


Written: 24.05.30

Words: 1,019

General, Destiel (Implied)

“So, what’d you think of the beach?”

Taylor’s whole face lit up with that, eyes crinkling as a giant smile overtook her, “It was so fun!” She pulled a face and quickly reset against the back of the chair as the movement highlighted her pain, “… until I fell asleep.” She frowned down at her red arms and legs, brows pulling together, “Will I look like this forever?”

“What? No!” Dean couldn’t help but chuckle as he started applying lotion to one of her arms, “You’ll only stay red for a few weeks, then you’ll be back to your normal pale self.”

Weeks?” She sat up straight, jaw dropping at the information, “B-but… what about school?”

Dean pretended to think as he gave her a once over, “I don’t know, it’s a pretty bad burn…”

“I’ll have to go back looking like this?” At his reluctant nod, she collapsed back against the chair, “Aw, man!”

“It could be worse.”


“Well…” Dean switched arms, “if you get a super bad burn, your skin won’t just get all red, it’ll start to peel, too.”

“Peel?” Taylor’s eyes widened in fascination, “Like a snake?”


“Wow…” She thoughtfully looked down to her arms, tilting her head slightly, “I don’t think I’d look good as a zombie.”

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