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Initial Release Date: March 19th, 2021

The world treats teens as if they’re still children, but sometimes, they’re forced to face some very adult problems.

Join James, Tommy and Emma as they try to navigate abusive guardians, addiction and hallucinations – all while trying not to flunk out of school.

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The Haunted Corpse Cover

Initial Release Date: October 18th, 2019

If your dead father’s best friend showed up and asked you to save the world… would you?

Follow Sammy as she’s thrown into a whole new (magical) world as she searches for answers in the wake of her father’s ‘suicide’.

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Paperback: Amazon - Writing - Books - First Try Cover - Indie Author, Writing, Canadian Author, New Book, High School, Agnst, Horror, Abuse, Torture, Romance, Fantasy, Magic

Initial Release Date: November 20th, 2018

Being a teenager is hard enough. Being a teen who wants to be a writer is harder.

Take a look into how Ater turned adolescent angst into art with their debut, non-fanfiction novella!

Inside you’ll find eight mostly dark, sometimes funny and a few romantic short stories – book ended with the first two ‘long’ stories Ater wrote in school after getting serious about writing.

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Paperback: Amazon - Books - Book Releases - Holiday Treats Cover - Wincest, fanfiction, Supernatural fanfiction, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Mary Winchester, John Winchester, Bobby, Ellen, Jessica Moore, Indie Author, Canadian Author, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, New Years

Initial Release Date: December 17th, 2016

Thanksgiving – Where the first signs of trouble cropped up. Jess had to come because Sam hadn’t told anyone they’d broken up (it’s not like he could ‘Oh yeah, I dumped my girlfriend because I want to bang my brother’) Little did he know, Dean was having similar thoughts.

Halloween – A costume party, everyone was in masks. There were Jell-O shots and truth be told, Dean definitely kissed more than one person that night.

 Christmas – Shit really hit the fan with this one. They planned to tell everyone, but Sam chickened out at the last minute and Jess and Cas somehow ended up on the invite list. Whoever invented that whole ‘have to kiss when under mistletoe’ rule? They could go straight to hell. At least Sammy didn’t find out… right?

 New Years – Just. One. Holiday. Dean just wanted one holiday to not be ruined. Was that really so much to ask?

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Initial Release Date: August 11th, 2016


The one time a year where you’re expected to look good while all the icecream trucks come out of hibernation. How can someone possibly expect to have a beach ready bod when there’s temptation everywhere they turn?

 Well we say screw that noise! Come on down to Hawaii and hang with the boys on the beach. There’s so much to do, you won’t even know where to start. 

 May we suggest signing up for Sam’s surf class? You can focus on having fun while working out. Not to mention you’ll get to stare at a wet-suite clad Winchester all day.

 Not feeling up for the sport? Not to worry. You could also lay out on a lounge chair and swap tanning oil with Dean. Just be careful about falling asleep, you never know who could be waiting for an advantage. 

Afraid you might end up looking like a zebra? Why not head down to the bar for a big glass of Zinfandel with Cas?

 Or, you could just head straight to your room for a little R&R with Gabriel. He’ll be sure to relax you real good.

What are you waiting for? Come on in and put our service to the test! We’ll make sure you don’t leave until we’ve really brought down the house.

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Paperback: Amazon - Don't Get Caught Cover - Fanfiction, Book, Paperback, Amazon

Initial Release Date: May 27th, 2016

“I wonder if Rough Rider makes flame-retardant condoms?”

Cas is a wedding planner, Luce is a Pop-Tarts addict, Dean goes to college, Sam gets kidnapped and Gabriel is still, well…  Gabriel.  Based on characters from the hit t.v. series Supernatural, this collection of slash fics has something for everyone.  A little Sabriel fanfiction, Destiel and sprinkles of Samifer – these AUs are a must read.

Ater Imber is taking Supernatural fanfiction out of your 2am-guilty-pleasure-smut-fix and into the light of day.

Not for the faint of heart, join the boys of Supernatural through these 9 sometimes sweet, sometimes dark and mostly fluffy feel-pleasing stories that will leave you wanting to join the Sabriel shower.


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 I would like to give a huge thank-you to all those that follow me on social media, enjoy what I post here, and to anyone who’s read my work. I’m absolutely amazed and overjoyed with how much things have grown. I’ve gone from dreaming about doing what I want, to realizing it. I know things are just beginning, but I feel as though bigger changes are on the horizon, and I am so thankful for anyone who’s coming along for the ride!

 I want you all to know that without your continued support, this wouldn’t be happening. So, I’m hoping you join me in the celebration – this is just as much yours as it is mine.

I feel so lucky to be working towards living my dream (ten year old me would be ecstatic!) and being able to do what I love is amazing. I’m hoping I’m able to continue down this path, no matter what obstacles get thrown my way.

I’m hoping to share many more milestones with you as this site, my experiences, and work, continue to grow.


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