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Someday (DeanxJo SamxJess)

“Hey, Jo.”

“Hey,” she looked up from her laptop screen, tall blonde winking as he passed by, “Dean!” she jumped up from her seat.

He stopped a few feet away, thousand watt smile making her heart melt, damn he’s hot…

“W-would you wanna, uhm,” she went to cross her arms, elbow knocking her coffee all over her laptop, “shit,” her cheeks flared as she hurriedly grabbed some napkins.

She heard him laugh and glanced up to see him continue over to the order line.

There go my chances, she pulled another handful of napkins out of the dispenser on the table and began wiping at the keyboard, not bothering to hold in her groan, stupid. Why do you always let him-

“Need a hand?”

“I can do it,” she didn’t bother to look up.

“Oh… okay.”

You’re such an idiot, can you just once not turn into a total klutz when he’s around? Just once? She threw the soaked napkins on the table with a sigh, it’s not like you’d even have a shot with him. She pressed the power button, holding her breath.

Of course, the screen stayed black and nothing happened, great, that’s just great. She flopped back down into the booth, putting her head in her arms on the table, I’m screwed. Now I’m never gonna finish her Art History paper, flunk out. I’ll have to move back home, work at the Roadhouse and marry Ash. She shuddered, picturing herself with the mullet rocker, oh, God.

“E-excuse me?”

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