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Falling Like Rain

“You like what you see?”

The voice startled Sam out of his thoughts. He looked up to find a blonde standing over him.

“S-sorry,” Sam didn’t understand what he did but didn’t want to fight about it.

“I could let you take a picture… That way you could stare at me as long as you wanted,” the blonde smirked down at the blush that flared up his cheeks.

“W-what? I don’t… I mean, I didn’t-”

“Tell you what,” he pulled a pen out of his jacket and grabbed Sam’s napkin, “you manage to get a coherent thought together…” he trailed off and slid the napkin back across the table, before he turned to leave.

Curious, Sam took the napkin and looked at it. He gave me his number? He likes me? Well he is cute… Sam lifted his eyes to see the man retreating down the street. Aaand he’s walking away.

“Wait,” Sam stood in an attempt to stop him.

The blonde turned around and raised an eyebrow, his smirk returned.

Shit, what do I say? Sam had froze, unsure.

The man took a couple steps closer, arms crossed over his chest.

“What if it occurs to me that you’re cute?” Sam mentally face palmed, what the fuck kind of line was that?

The blonde gave him a once over and winked before turning to leave again, “Then use it.”

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