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Holiday Present Mug – Purple

Perfect for your 4am-it’s-too-early-to-do-presents coffee, evening hot chocolate, or as a gift. Picture on both sides makes this mug perfect for right-handers and lefties alike!

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Holiday Nightmares

“I don’t understand why we’re here.”

Dean didn’t even bother to look up from the shelf this time, he actually said it a millionth time, “Because we need to get Sam a present.”

“But why does he need a present? Neither of you went to Hell this year,” the angel eyed a toy Santa with slight bewilderment, “isn’t that enough?”

Dean hung his head in defeat, scrubbing a hand down his face – apparently it didn’t matter how many times he explained the holiday to the angel, he just did not understand the concept of Christmas. Dean thought it was a bit odd considering he was, y’know, an angel and all, and yet… He looked over to see the angel starring at a star tree topper, head tilted to the side in confusion, I don’t have time for this, they’ll be back soon.

“He’s getting a present because I said he gets one.”

Cas nodded, still clearly not understanding, grabbing one of the Santa figures off the shelf before turning toward the hunter, “What about this?”


“Why not?”

“Because I said no,” the blonde stormed to the end of the aisle, hands balling at his sides, “Can you just…? Put it back.”

“But Dean-”

The hunter strode back over to the shorter man, grabbing for the figure, “Put it back.”

“What are you doing?” Cas tugged the doll towards him, still looking confused, “Let go.”

“Cas,” Dean eyed the other shopper’s in the aisle, noting their stares, “Just give me the damn doll.”

“No,” he tugged it backward again.

The blonde lost his grip on the doll and both it and the raven haired man went crashing against the shelf. Dean winced when snow-globes went crashing to the floor as it began to tip over.

“Oh, c’mon!” he watched as the falling shelf caused a domino-like chain reaction, sending each shelf after it crashing toward the ground.

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